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Way Home Meter in Hackspace Magazine

A device for accurately tracking when you will be home based on current traffic conditions

The "Way Home Meter" is a project that displays the time a user will be home using their live GPS location and taking into consideration live traffic conditions. It is built using an ESP8266. There is a guide for making your own in issue 12 of Hackspace magazine. In this blog post I thought it might be interesting to go into a bit of the background and behind scenes of the project.

It is a project that I have been

Arduino Author imageBrian Lough October 26

Twitch Draws On My LED Matrix

And no one drew anything inappropriate!

On a recent live stream (BrianLough is my Twitch name) I revisited my "Twitch draws on my LED matrix" project. It's pretty amazing to see people being able to draw pretty cool things using very basic commands! Check out the examples below!




Pretty impressive right!? The best part was nobody at any stage tried to draw anything inappropriate, a great success I would say, good job everyone!

Well done

In future I would like to set up a "Twitch

Meta Author imageBrian Lough July 18

Live Streams

I do my live streams on Twitch, come stop by for a chat!

I live stream working on projects and libraries on my Twitch channel.

Stream Times (Dublin/London timezone):

  • Monday at 21:30
  • Saturday Mornings at 08:00

Here is a sample Live Stream were we code a webpage that is able to draw on an LED matrix in real time.

To ensure my YouTube channel is not diluted with just live streams, as I can make live streams much faster than I can make videos, I only upload the Monday streams

Meta Author imageBrian Lough July 09

Welcome to!

All the cool kids had blogs so I wanted one too.

My name is Brian Lough and welcome to my new blog!

I'm a Software Developer who has a large passion for working with Arduinos and microcontrollers. I love building projects that interact with the physical world, I'm not sure that will ever get old to me!

In this blog will mainly be supplmental to my YouTube channel, but it will also provide me with an opportunity to post some things of interest to me that don't really fit into the

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