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Twitch Draws On My LED Matrix

And no one drew anything inappropriate!

On a recent live stream (BrianLough is my Twitch name) I revisited my "Twitch draws on my LED matrix" project. It's pretty amazing to see people being able to draw pretty cool things using very basic commands! Check out the examples below!




Pretty impressive right!? The best part was nobody at any stage tried to draw anything inappropriate, a great success I would say, good job everyone!

Well done

In future I would like to set up a "Twitch

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Arduino Libraries

I'm really proud to have created some Arduino libraries that people use!

I think the libraries are the best part of the Arduino ecosystem, there is a huge range of libraries availble ranging from all different types of functionality, whether it's a library for getting a screen working or fetching data from a particular end point, it enables more and more people to create awesome and interesting things faster.

I really wanted to be able to give something back to the Arduino community after so many had provided countless libraries and code

Arduino Author imageBrian Lough July 08