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The Power Blough-r

The simplest way to strip 5v from a USB cable

You know that annoying thing if you have octoprint for your printer, where you turn off the printers power supply but the screen stays on because it's still receiving power from the pi?

This device is the simplest way to fix that, just plug it into your pi, and then plug your printers USB cable into this and your printer will be be fully operational when it's own power supply is on, but fully off when its not.

More info

3D Printing Author imageBrian Lough August 29

Lightpipe 7-Segment Display

3D print + Light up shoe laces + neopixels = a winning combination!

A while ago I made a project that displayed the fastest route home based on live traffic conditions using Google Maps. It used through hole neopixels to display each route. Some feedback from that project was "wouldn't it be cool if the entire route lit up rather than just LEDs along it". That suggestion led me to light pipe but I never got a chance to try it out.


So inspired by cob LED segment displays that Seon

Arduino Author imageBrian Lough August 06

3D Printing Revisited

Time to get back on the 3d printed horse

I have owned a 3D printer for over 2 years and I really haven't made full use of it. To be honest I've never really gave it a good go. 3D printing is a skill that needs to be learnt like any other and at the same time that I was learning how to use my printer was when I was starting to get into Arduinos, and if you are familar with my stuff you'll know which hobby won out!

3D Printing Author imageBrian Lough July 25

We won a 3D Printer!

And the cake was delicious!

My wife's Owl cake won a prize in the Instructables Colour of the Rainbow competition! It won "Best use of Yellow".


Check out the cake and instructions for making it here.

Expect to see more 3d printing videos soon!

3D Printing Author imageBrian Lough July 04