Brian Lough

SAO Stand

Some where to put your lovely SAO kits!

The SAO stand is a small and simple way of powering and displaying your SAO devices. It uses a right angle CR2032 battery holder as the stand so it does not need any other leverage to stay upright, even with larger SAO kits. It also breaks out all the pins so you can test your SAO kits easier.

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What is a "SAO"?

SAO stands for "Shitty Add-On", there is a good explanation of their history and purpose on Hackaday. The TL;DR is that they are small add on boards for larger #badgelife style badges.

Soldering Instructions

It's pretty straight forward to assemble. Place the two through hole components on the side that has no text and solder from the side with text (as seen in the image above).

The 6p female header goes is intended to go in the top slot, but you could use the bottom slot if you wanted.

I recomend using blu-tac or something to help keep the battery slot straight when you're soldering.

The power switch can only be soldered one side, so solder it to that side :)

Show me your use-cases!

If you use the SAO stand I would love to see it in action! If you have twitter, please tag me in a photo of the stand, @Witnessmenow