Brian Lough

Pandamonium 🐼

Why not bring some Pandamonium into your life with this cute Panda badge!

Pandamonium is a PCB badge in the shape of a panda with flashing eyes. It can be worn as a badge or used as an SAO

Pandamonium is available on my Tindie store

Please note that due to shipping restrictions, I can not ship the panda with batteries. They are the super common coin cell type (CR2032)

Badge .Assembly

Note: You will need a tweezers for assembly

This is a fairly standard kit in terms of soldering requirements.

  • Start with soldering the smallest components first (the resistors on the outside of each LED and then the switch).
  • Next solder the battery clip, the negative pad of this is a small bit annoying to solder, but if you put some solder on the pad first and then solder from inside the clip (you will need to a dab more solder) it should work out OK.
  • The more logical thing to do now would be to do the badge clip next but I actually think you are better off doing the LEDs.
  • Insert the LEDs in from the face side of the panda. The long legs of the LEDs should both be placed in the inner of the two holes. Solder only one leg and make sure you are happy that the LED is flat (its easier to adjust when only leg is soldered!) When happy solder the second leg.
  • Next is the badge clip, crank up the heat on your soldering iron for this one cause it takes a lot of heat. Put some solder on the entire rectangular pad. Hold the badge clip into place using your tweezers or a pliers and try reflow the solder on the pad. (Please note the clip will get VERY HOT!)
  • Add more solder till you have some solder on top of the clip that is connected to the solder on the badge. When you are happy with it, you will need to leave it cool down for around 5 minutes, you will burn yourself if you touch it before that!
  • And that's it, badge complete, you now have some pandamonium in your life! Please send me a photo on twitter if you'd like, I'd love to see it! (@witnessmenow)


There is an SAO version of the Panda available too, well its the same PCB but what you receive in your pack will be different because the pads for the battery holder and the SAO connector overlap.