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Block ads on all devices on your network

Block Ads using a Raspberry Pi with Pi-Hole

Tired of seeing tonnes of ads? Well here is a really cool solution using your Raspberry Pi. Pi-hole is a software that replaces your DNS server and strips out any requests for domains that are known for serving up ads. Check the example below!

Before Pi-Hole:

After Pi-Hole:

The whole setup should only take about 30 minutes. All details can be found in the video:

Parts Needed:
This should work on any Raspberry Pi and is a great way to

Raspberry Pi Author imageBrian Lough July 10

Live Streams

I do my live streams on Twitch, come stop by for a chat!

I live stream working on projects and libraries on my Twitch channel.

Stream Times (Dublin/London timezone):

  • Monday at 21:30
  • Saturday Mornings at 08:00

Here is a sample Live Stream were we code a webpage that is able to draw on an LED matrix in real time.

To ensure my YouTube channel is not diluted with just live streams, as I can make live streams much faster than I can make videos, I only upload the Monday streams

Meta Author imageBrian Lough July 09

Arduino Libraries

I'm really proud to have created some Arduino libraries that people use!

I think the libraries are the best part of the Arduino ecosystem, there is a huge range of libraries availble ranging from all different types of functionality, whether it's a library for getting a screen working or fetching data from a particular end point, it enables more and more people to create awesome and interesting things faster.

I really wanted to be able to give something back to the Arduino community after so many had provided countless libraries and code

Arduino Author imageBrian Lough July 08

Welcome to!

All the cool kids had blogs so I wanted one too.

My name is Brian Lough and welcome to my new blog!

I'm a Software Developer who has a large passion for working with Arduinos and microcontrollers. I love building projects that interact with the physical world, I'm not sure that will ever get old to me!

In this blog will mainly be supplmental to my YouTube channel, but it will also provide me with an opportunity to post some things of interest to me that don't really fit into the

Meta Author imageBrian Lough July 07

We won a 3D Printer!

And the cake was delicious!

My wife's Owl cake won a prize in the Instructables Colour of the Rainbow competition! It won "Best use of Yellow".


Check out the cake and instructions for making it here.

Expect to see more 3d printing videos soon!

3D Printing Author imageBrian Lough July 04