Brian Lough

ESP32 Debug Shields

A really easy way to use the ESP-Prog to Debug your ESP32 sketches.

A simple breakout board for making using the ESP-Prog easier. For use with debugging functionality

This page is a WIP!

Available versions:

There are multiple versions of this board available, they are the same other than they work with different ESP32 based boards

ESP32 MiniKit:

Adafruit Feather Huzzah32:

Note: The Built-in LED of the Huzzah32 board is on pin 13, which the Debug Shield requires, so it can not be used.

Required Additional Parts:


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Please note, I could not program the ESP32 (via it's own USB cable) while the ESP-Prog was connected to it. Disconnecting the ribbon cable worked.

Andreas Spiess Video on setting up the debugger