Brian Lough

BLough Alarm Clock

A WiFi alarm clock kit for an Wemos D1 Mini

The BLough Alarm clock is a kit for making a WiFi alarm clock using a Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266). It's a great project to show off the power of the ESP8266 and it's actually kind of useful too!

These are now available on my Tindie store!

Additional Parts Required

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Board Assembly

BLough Alarm Clock in kit form

To assemble the boards, place the parts on the PCB as indicated by the markings on the PCB. All parts are, other than 7 segment display, are placed on the bottom of the PCB (the through hole components will be soldered from the top).

Pay attention to the polarity of the diode when assembling (there is a line on the diode that should match up with the silk screen)

The 7 segment display should be soldered last. The display should be help in place while soldering to keep it straight.

The SMD resistors and capacitors are marked with a colour that indicates what they are. The image below indicates where these should be placed.

  • Blue are 10k resistors
  • Green are 1K resistors
  • Red are 1NfF capacitors

Board Info

The board can be powered using the micro USB port of the D1 Mini. Power draw is quite low (peaks of roughy 300mA) so any old phone charge should work perfectly.

The display is driven using a TM1637 chip and has been tested with the TM1637 Arduino library.

The following pins are being used:

//Display Pins
#define CLK D6
#define DIO D5

// Buzzer Pin
#define ALARM D1

// Buttons Pins
#define BUTTON D2

// LDR Pin
#define LDR A0

This leaves D8, D7, D0 and D4 available for connecting to other devices or inputs.

Example Code

Code for a basic WiFi Alarm clock can be found on my Github, It's still a work in progress but it has the following features implemented:

  • Functioning clock and alarm
  • Fetches the time from the internet
  • Adjusts automatically for daylight savings time
  • WiFi manager for configuring the WiFi without updating the code
  • Web interface for setting the alarm (very basic at the moment)
  • Alarm plays a melody