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What Is The Cost Of "Success"

Managing my time is my biggest struggle. Here are some of my thoughts on it.

Maybe it's different for all makers, but I think time is most precious resource a maker has. I've never met a maker who felt like they were on top of everything they needed to do, or didn't have a stream of projects that they are "meaning to get back to". Most of the things I talk about here boil down to not having enough time

This started out as a message to my Github sponsors (similar to patreon) about why

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ESP32 I2S Matrix Shield

A simple way for controlling RGB LED matrix using an ESP32

This shield is for easily controlling RGB LED Matrix panels using with a Mini 32 ESP32 board ,aka the ESP32 D1 Mini.

Information about this product, including assembly advice can be found here.

I'm trialing out moving the documentation for this product to a github page, so I can easily attach examples and allow users to raise issues against even the documentation if something is not clear. I would appreciate feedback on this if you have an opinions on it!

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SAO Stand

Some where to put your lovely SAO kits!

The SAO stand is a small and simple way of powering and displaying your SAO devices. It uses a right angle CR2032 battery holder as the stand so it does not need any other leverage to stay upright, even with larger SAO kits. It also breaks out all the pins so you can test your SAO kits easier.

Now Available on Tindie!

I sell on Tindie

What is a "SAO"?

SAO stands for "Shitty Add-On", there is a good explanation of their history and

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TinyPICO Breakout Shield

A screw terminal breakout and prototype for TinyPICO ESP32 boards. Each pin of the TinyPICO is broken out to its

A screw terminal breakout and prototype for TinyPICO ESP32 boards. Each pin of the TinyPICO is broken out to its own screw terminal, plus there are some additional screw terminals for power and ones that are user configurable.

More info coming soon!

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Feather Huzzah32 Matrix FeatherWing

A simple way of using these awesome displays with an Huzzah32

The Feather Huzzah32 Matrix FeatherWing is for connecting the Adafruit Feather Huzzah32 Development board to RGB LED Matrix panels. It's a much quicker and tidier way of connecting up these displays.

Now Available on Tindie!

I sell on Tindie

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Additional Parts Required

As well as the

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ESP32 Debug Shields

A really easy way to use the ESP-Prog to Debug your ESP32 sketches.

A simple breakout board for making using the ESP-Prog easier. For use with debugging functionality

This page is a WIP!

Available versions:

There are multiple versions of this board available, they are the same other than they work with different ESP32 based boards

ESP32 MiniKit:

Adafruit Feather Huzzah32:

Note: The Built-in LED of the Huzzah32 board is on pin 13,

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